Social Innovation Programme


Monday 1 June 2020 9:00am - Friday 10 July 2020 9:00am

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New for Summer 2020 • Remote delivery of the Social Innovation Programme
Just because we're social distancing doesn't mean we have to stop getting involved in social action! Join us as we adapt and innovate our own programme for these changing times. You'll still learn skills like research & data collection, report writing and presentation skills (for remote presentations!) but you'll also learn teamworking, project management, and remote collaboration skills. Don't let there be a gap on your CV, make the most of this summer and skill up while making a real difference to the organizations that need our help more than ever!

Do you want to learn new skills to boost your employability?

Are you looking for ways to go out of your comfort zone? 

Want to improve your public speaking skills and confidence? 

The Social Innovation Programme is a 6-week PAID student consultancy that will do all of those things, AND MORE!

Apply online here