Balham Meditates Online

We've found free guided 'Sahaja Yoga' online meditation classes that help you achieve meditation benefits in quick and easy steps. No prior experience is needed, just turn up and get involved.

These classes are designed to provide experience of an in-person interactive session.

This session will cover basics & guided meditation. More advance meditators may be invited to a parallel 'virtual' room for intermediate level to go deeper.

Session Plan:

1. Introduction

2. Energy awakening & guided meditation

3. Feel the energy and state and question and answers

4. Learn daily meditation and practice with guided meditation steps

5. Resources sharing and more information

6. Optional: Socials for those looking to stay back for some spiritual company and light-hearted discussions. One to one guidance available in separate virtual room for those looking for more help at same time.

Join via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 810 5393 9134

Password: 123123

Or visit Eventbrite for more information.

*This is an externally hosted event and inclusion on KUextra does not constitute an endorsement or approval by Kingston University.