Creating Economic Repair: Capitalism, Ubuntu and Spatial Justice



Museum of London Docklands Hertsmere Road #1 Warehouse London E14 4AL, External

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How do we change the narrative around economic ideologies that have been fuelled by capitalism's dominance?

What does a balanced economy look like once decentred from financial exclusion and western paradigms regarding wealth?

How do we redistribute our values and ideas around wealth, in order to create eco-friendly holistic communities?

Forming part of University of Repair, a platform exploring the practical, methodological and historical approaches to centre repair, Creating Economic Repair: Capitalism, Ubuntu and Spatial Justice re-thinks the relationship between the historical injustices of the past, and our contemporary economic position.

This conference considers the diasporic circumstances emerging from London’s involvement in the enslavement of African people, contemporary reparation discourses, and the practice of collective economics in Africa and beyond. Connecting the past, present and future, this conference will deepen conversation and collaboration between scholars, community representatives, entrepreneurs and students. Join us as we reflect and re-imagine our economic future.

The University of Repair (UoR) project is an initiative arising out of 7 years of experience of working with reparative histories as part of the applied research and outreach work on behalf of Decolonising The Archive (DTA). UoR is fashioned as a mobile, open-ended site specific, modular series of activations, with the broad aim of initiating (or continuing) a process of repair for people of African heritage living in the UK.

The London, Sugar & Slavery gallery at the Museum of London Docklands has been selected as a space to conduct our research into collective legacies for the Spring Term phase of the UoR project due to the clear resonance of the history of the site. Further, the historical, and contemporary inequities of museum practice (in general) make the museum an important site of reparative action.

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