KU Extra FAQ (Draft)

1. What is KU Extra?

KU extra gives you access to loads of events, activities and opportunities on offer at Kingston all in one place – whether it’s related to your degree or something you just love doing (or want to try!).

2. How can I access it?

You can access KUextra through the KU app or using the link: There will also be links to KU Extra on MyKingston and Canvas in future.

You may need to sign in the first time using your KU login details. To get the best out of the portal, it is advisable to set your preferences in your profile (and keep this updated regularly) so you get relevant recommendations.

3. Can my friends outside Kingston University also sign up for events and activities through KUextra?

Unfortunately, at this point in time, only current Kingston University students will be able to sign up for events and activities through the KUextra portal.

4. How do I get the KU App?

The KU app is available on iPhone and Android platforms. You can download these from your app store. Alternatively you can view the web version.

5. What sorts of events/ activities are advertised on KUextra?

As a rule of thumb, you should be able to get Kingston Award points for most (if not all) activities/ events you sign up for and participate in KUextra. Participation in these activities and events will help you develop as a person and professionally in addition to your coursework.

6. How do I upload my event to KUextra?

You will need to fill the event form (insert link to document here) and send to the designated KUextra representative/ champion for your faculty or directorate/ team super.

Unfortunately at this point in time, due to licencing restrictions, only a limited number of people can have access to the backend for this purpose.

You can find the list of KUextra champions here (insert link to page here)

7. How do I suggest an event to be added to KUextra?

If there is an event/ activity you would like to see at Kingston, you can make a suggestion through the KUextra portal (insert link to appropriate page) or send an email titled ‘Event Suggestion’ to the KUextra team at

8. I have downloaded the KU app but I am still unable to access the KUextra portal.

Try accessing the portal via this link: to determine if this problem is specific to the KUextra portal or the KU app generally.

If problem persists, please raise a ticket with the help desk (insert link to help desk) providing as much detail as possible of the issue (ideally with screenshots of what you can see on your screen).

9. Will my Kingston Award points be automatically updated on OSIS when I register for events on KUextra?

You will still need to update your Kingston Award points on OSIS – which will need to be verified and ratified before your score is finalised and award given. KUextra will however help you:

· see the provisional points you’ve recorded so far on OSIS (you can see this on your KUextra profile page),

· keep record of events and activities you’ve signed up for and/ or attended in the Diary section (apart from ones where you have to complete the booking on an external platform such as Eventbrite)

· have an idea of the KA points each event/ activity entitles you to.

10. I had registered for an event on KUextra but I can’t see this on my Diary page

It may be that the registration was not completed and you will need to repeat this process. Please note that you will not be able to see a log of events hosted on external event management platforms such as Eventbrite at this stage.

11. I want a complete view of all activities happening today, how do I get this?

You can click on the ‘What’s on Today’ button for a complete list of activities for the day.

You could also use the ‘Search’ function to look for events by date, campus, keywords and subject area.

12. I need special arrangements to be made to enable me attend an event. Who do I contact for this?

Please contact the specific event organiser with details of your special needs to enable them make the necessary arrangements. You can find their details on the event page on KU Extra Portal.

13. My personal details in my KUextra profile page appear wrong – how do I update these?

Your personal details are pulled in from SITS – the university’s central database of students. You will need to update these directly on OSIS. Please note that it may take up to 24/ 48 hours for the changes to reflect on KUextra.

14. How do I notify the people who signed up to my event of some last-minute changes/ details?

Please contact the KUextra representative/ champion for your area (i.e. faculty/ directorate) for help with this. – Link to these people (on the ‘Contact Us’ page).

15. My friends have asked me to help them book a place at an event, how do I make a group booking?

Ideally, your friends should make the booking themselves on KUextra, so that they can have a record in their Diary and History pages respectively (as this should come in handy as a memory aid when applying for those Kingston Award points).

Should they be unable to do this for any reason, they should contact the KUextra team ( for help with registering.

16. I am no longer able to attend an event. Can my friend go in my name?

Unfortunately not. You will need to cancel your booking on the KUextra portal and your friend will need to sign up for the event on the portal themselves. This is to ensure your profile records are up to date and it will also help the event organiser make any necessary arrangements for attendees.

17. I am organising a paid event (i.e. the attendees would need to pay a registration fee), can I advertise this on KUextra?

Yes, you can advertise your event on KUextra. However, please note that for this phase, registrants will not be able to make payments through the platform. You will have to make separate arrangements for this. For more details please contact the KUextra team.

Still cannot find the answer(s) you’re looking for? Please email the KUextra team (

Appendix: List of KUextra Faculty/ Directorate Representatives

Faculty/ Directorate

KUextra Point Person

Team Contact Email


Lucy Williams


Anastasiya Stravolemova


Monika Kupiek




Katy Valentine-Oatway

Student Achievement:

  • Miriam dos Santos Laranjeira (Engagement)
  • Mae Henderson (Enterprise)
  • Jane Hargreaves (Widening Participation)

· Paul Clatworthy (Careers & Employability)/ tbc (Jobs Central administrator)


Megan Blythin


Isabelle Sallis

Library & Learning Services

Lucy Ahmed

Union of Kingston Students

Students Union Reception

Please contact the KUextra team ( ) if you can’t find the point person for your area