The Interplay Between Art and Architecture



Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Mattock Lane London W5 5EQ, External

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The interrelationship between art and architecture has fascinated designers and artists for centuries. But how does the process of creation differ across the disciplines, what are the common aspects of practice and how can artists and architects collaborate together? Artist Rana Begum RA, whose solo exhibition Dappled Light is on at Pitzhanger until 11 September, blurs the boundaries between sculpture, architecture and design, celebrating light and colour. She will be in conversation with architect Peter Culley from Spatial Affairs Bureau. Peter runs an award-winning architecture, design and landscape firm, which who also created Rana's spectacular studio and home in north London with stunning views into the adjacent cemetery. Hear them discuss how they agreed on the striking design for her house and how this in turn has inspired Rana's practice.

Rana Begum: Dappled Light at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

25 March - 11 September 2022

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Fee: £8

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