Mind the Gap



Online, Virtual

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The title of the sessions “Mind The Gap” was created by Michael, a highly experienced yoga and meditation teacher, to give people a memorable phrase that they could use for general mindfulness sessions to help them in their everyday lives: For example, the gap between feeling and thinking, thinking and doing, breathing and releasing.

In the sessions, students will receive simple but effective breathing and relaxation techniques to help with anxiety, depression and general well-being: Easy-to-follow guided visualisation exercises and gentle, reassuring guidance for achieving a more peaceful state of mind in a relaxed and safe environment.

Participants do not have to have their camera switched on if they so wish. Whatever works and whatever is comfortable is the most important thing. Michael is also open to Q&A after each session if people want to ask questions or share their thoughts, and all emails will be answered within 24 hours.

The sessions will not require any special equipment, just a quiet place where you can join in and enjoy the time.

MIND THE GAP sessions start on Monday 28th September from 11am-12noon.

To sign up and join the session please email Michael@yogahara.com