Introduction to The Magic Art of Block Printing by ainoah



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The prints this craft yields are always beautiful and unique and could never be replicated by machine printing, the little irregularities being reminders of the human touch behind them. 

Teaching this workshop are Kingston based Noa Alvarez and Zoe Thomas.

Noa was introduced to the joys of Indian textiles during her twelve years working for the British brand East. Travelling to India extensively, she worked with iconic brands such as Anokhi, who introduced her to the wonders of this craft. Noa founded lifestyle brand “ainoah” in Summer 2022. Collaborating with artisans in India, they create unique contemporary collections that marry traditional block printing with design aesthetics from other parts of the world.

Zoe Thomas is a textile designer, educator and artist, who has seen her designs sell internationally to both the interiors and fashion markets.

This workshop will explore the art of block printing, guide you in finding your colour palette, help you work on pattern ideas and teach you how to print using wooden blocks including different printing techniques, such as two colour printing and pattern repeats.

Our focus will be on geometric patterns. You will learn how to use simple motifs and how to layer blocks to create interesting contemporary designs on fabric.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to print onto a cotton tea towel to take home. (This will need to be ironed at home to permanently set the print).

Times : 11am-2pm

Suitable for all levels

Ages: 18+

Cost: £45


- Non toxic waterbased fabric inks

- Wooden blocks

- Paint stipplers, brushes, spoons for inks and mixing trays

- Fabric and paper to practise on

- Cotton Tea Towel to print on

Aprons are not included. Please bring your own or wear non precious clothes!