Emotional intelligence and the science of wellbeing



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Learn more by joining the Trustworthy Foundation for this life-changing workshop on developing emotional intelligence and the science of well-being. 

What is going to be covered:

  • What is emotional intelligence and why does it matter

  • How emotional intelligence can enable you to achieve top performance

  • How emotional intelligence enhances relationships and communication skills 

  • Ways to develop emotional intelligence in daily life 

  • How to have better relationships and communication with others

  • Building emotional intelligence at work


Dr Suraiya Zabeen

Zabeen is a materials scientist with a PhD in aerospace materials from the University of Manchester. She started her career in aerospace engineering, developing life improvement methods for aero-engine parts by positive stress engineering. While researching on how materials behave under stress, she developed an intense interest in human stress response, positive psychology and overall wellbeing.

She is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) Practitioner, Quantum Emotional Mastery coach who is committed to sharing these tools with others. She is the founder of Trustworthy Foundation, which is dedicated to helping people through science-based talks, workshops, courses, and coaching on well-rounded wellbeing.

Marina Abel Smith

Trained and experienced in a wide variety of approaches and methods, including Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and performance and leadership coaching. Marina is an active member of Ruby Think Tank and a trustee of a charitable trust, as well as the founder of Lead Yourself, which is dedicated to the achievement of happiness and peace of mind. Marina delivers talks, courses, and workshops throught London and the Southeast, on her passion which is how to overcome stress, anxiety and depression, and achieve vibrant happiness and mental/emotional wellbeing instead.

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