Writing and Oral Skills (WOS): Critical Reading and Critical Thinking: Why they Matter

A live question and answer session reflecting on previous Wednesday sessions. If you weren't able to attend the Wednesday session, please view the appropriate recording beforehand.


Good academic writing and speaking skills are essential for success at University. If you want to enhance your academic writing and speaking skills, then the WOS team can help. We run regular workshops focusing on essay writing and presentation skills, referencing, critical reading and thinking. These workshops are free, friendly, interactive, and open to all. They will be held online via MS Teams.


If you would like to take part, please enter your name and Kingston University ID number (if you have one) on our registration form, which can be found here: Registration

If you have any questions please contact Pamela Osborn (P.Osborn@Kingston.ac.uk) or Karen Lipsedge (K.Lipsedge@Kingston.ac.uk).