Transition Series: Responding to Change and Transition

Change can be unsettling for many people, especially change that involves moving home, meeting new peers, and learning new information and skills. Understanding how we respond to change can help to ease the transition.

This workshop focuses on understanding how we can respond to change, and introducing tools that will help you to recognise where you are in the change process, and how to support yourself to move forward with calm and confidence.

In this workshop we cover:

  • What is change and transition

  • Understanding the stages of experiencing change

  • Identifying what each stage will look and feel like, and how to support yourself

  • Tools to help you stay connected and motivated to achieve what you want

Participants will leave our ‘Responding to change and transition’ workshop with a deeper understanding of change and transition, equipped with tools and techniques to support themselves.

This series of workshops are suitable for any individuals either entering higher education, or currently experiencing a large degree of change in their life. The workshops are free for current students (or students enrolling in Sept 2021), and £20 for non-students. The workshops are for participants aged 18 years old or above.

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