Networking, Web 3 and Fun: What does the Metaverse Mean for you?



The DLT Lounge, 3 Muirfield Crescent, 2 Floor, Bellerive House, E14 9SZ, External

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Join us for an evening of short talks and plenty of networking.

Meet the people who are building communities within the Web 3 space and find out how they can benefit you. The DLT Lounge is a web 3 gaming workspace to grow talent, showcase good people and projects and offer a better life path. So many Web 2 platforms have become impersonal, your data is not yours and your account could get hacked and never returned. These problems are massively reduced by getting to know the founders of new platforms who care for their communites.

We highlight visionary CEO's in the Web 3 space and invite them to explain how their platforms can benefit you and/or your friends. Whether you are looking to explore the Web 3/Metaverse space, network or simply have fun learning and speaking to people within the sector, there will be something here for you.

To register or for more information, click the booking link.

This is an externally hosted event and inclusion on KUextra does not constitute an endorsement or approval by Kingston University.