Hedgehog Friendly Campus Student Campaign Workshop



TBA, Knights Park

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Are you ready to become a vital part of a new wave of engaged students looking to hold local and national government to account by looking at planning applications and commenting on applications which are not taking wildlife and hedgehogs into consideration?

Will you take up the challenge closer to home to get your fellow site users disposing of rubbish properly so that it doesn’t impact wildlife?

Can you create a campaign and run it to change the face of local litter and its impacts on wildlife both on and off our campus?

Will you take up the challenge to check local developments to see if the hedgehog highways have been left in boundaries as promised in planning applications to make sure that wildlife including hedgehogs have the freedom to roam?

If you are, sign up to our STUDENT CAMPAIGN WORKSHOP:

Learn how to create impactful campaigns for hedgehogs.

We provide support and resources to help you deliver your Campaign!

This workshop is particularly useful for teams going for Platinum but anyone can attend!

This is great for both staff and students.

Date: 29th of November

From 12.30-3.30

We are really sorry, but the event had to be postponed to the 29th of November, thank you for your understanding.

The skills you develop by taking part in this activity can be used to build your Kingston Award reflections on Career Zone.  Find out more by watching  our Kingston Award video, visiting our Kingston Award webpages or getting in touch with us.