Grammar and Vocabulary



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This course teaches you the grammar and vocabulary you need to write accurate assignments in an academic style and covers: tenses and verb patterns for assignment writing; prepositions and articles; a range of sentence structures including complex ones; use of modals; active and passive; structures for cohesion; use of noun phrases and more. Practice using more academic structures and make your writing more concise and clear. Develop your proof-reading skills and increase your language awareness so you can spot mistakes and correct your own work. Also enlarge your academic vocabulary and learn how to use academic style and register to good effect in your academic writing. Develop strategies for building your academic, subject-specific and general vocabulary: learn how to keep effective records and how to move from simply understanding new vocabulary to using it in your own writing. Look at academic and subject vocabulary in context e.g. within academic journal articles and learn more about collocations (words that commonly go together) and how to make your writing more coherent and cohesive through the use of vocabulary. All this will help you to express your ideas more clearly, precisely and in a suitable style that can enhance your writing and speaking. Practice your grammar and vocabulary for writing through short tasks relevant to your subject.

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