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In this seminar, you will learn what you need to do to comply with the REF2021 open access policy (which will still be in place for the next REF until more information has been released).  This tutorial will look in detail at the requirements of the REF2021 open access policy, and show you how to ensure compliance. It will give you an overview of the Kingston University Research Repository and the work of the repository team, and show you how best to ensure that your research outputs are deposited in time, and that your staff profile page is up-to-date.  It is the counterpart to the discover session “Introduction to Open Access”, which provides a broader background to the open access landscape. The sessions are stand-alone, but you may find it beneficial to attend both.This session covers major policy compliance matters, and should be considered essential for all new research staff (or those who haven’t attended before), though anyone who produces (or intends to produce) research outputs of any kind will find it useful.

*For onlinebookings, the registration closing date will be 3 working days prior to the session.