SWIM 22 Challenge (Week 9)

For our final challenge before the start of the next academic year, we have decided to attempt to swim the English Channel.

This challenge has been set up by Diabetes UK and you can sign up to take part via this link Swim22 2021 | Diabetes UK Swimming Challenge. Whether you want to start regular exercise, lose weight, or simply reignite your love of swimming, Swim22 is a fantastic way of getting fit.

With three distances to choose from, you can take the challenge at your own pace, in your own local pool, open water facilities or Lido's over three months - individually or as a team:

1. 11 miles: ‘The Half’ – half the distance to France, an impressive feat.

2. 22 miles: ‘The Full’ - the distance of the English Channel, our most popular choice.

44 miles: ‘The Double’ – to France and back, for the more adventurous.

Whichever distance you choose, there is no better feeling than diving into a challenge you will love, knowing each length you complete will lead to a healthier you. You may choose to complete the challenge in your own time without signing up to Diabetes UK or maybe want to raise funds for another charity.

Why not try out Hampton Open Air Pool (heated), Richmond's Pools on the Park, Shepperton Open Water facilities or The Haven Open Water facility in Feltham to complete your challenge. Let us know if you are taking up the challenge as we would love to know how you get on and offer support and motivation.

Please note the time displayed on this event is a guide time. You will need to check the start and end time of the challenge if you sign up with Diabetes UK.

Please register your interest by emailing Jo Heath.