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As a researcher you are creating work of your own which you want to be protected from misuse by others whilst making it available to a wide audience. This work may take the form of a piece of traditional text or it might equally be a computer program, visual image, musical composition or a new chemical compound.  At the same time you need to be aware of copyright and intellectual property law in order to ensure that you respect the rights of fellow researchers in the course of your own work, and in particular some specific issues to consider when publishing your work or submitting your electronic thesis.  This seminar will provide an overview of copyright and intellectual property as it might affect you and your research. 

Suitable for Academic Staff, Post-Doctoral Researchers, PhD and MPhil Students 

Prerequisites – None but essential prior to submission of your thesis. 

*For online bookings, the registration closing date will be 1 working day prior to the session.  You will be sent joining instructions before the session*.  

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