Women in Science: Fashion



Natural History Museum London, Cromwell Road, Greater London SW7 5BD, External

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This new Women in Science tour will look at nature's impact on fashion and fashion's impact on nature and discuss some inspirational scientists and activists from the present and from history. We will show you some of our iconic specimens and invite you to share the stories of the women whose science links to some raw materials and inspirations for fashion: jewels, birds, plants, spiders, butterflies and beetles.

Once you've booked your tour the meeting point is by Guy the Gorilla, 1st Floor Hintze Hall. The nearest entrance is the Cromwell Road one. If you show a Visitor Assistant your ticket, on most occasions you won't have to queue to get in. Once in the Hintze Hall take the stairs ahead of you and when you get to the statue of Darwin turn right for a few more stairs. Up on this 1st floor balcony is the Women in Science tour meeting point just near Guy the Gorilla. Friendly Visitor Assistants can help you find it and direct you to the lift if you require that. If you're running late just look for the volunteer in purple with a group somewhere on the balcony or in the minerals gallery.

The skills you develop by taking part in this activity can be used to build your Kingston Award reflections on Career Zone.  Find out more by watching  our Kingston Award video, visiting our Kingston Award webpages or getting in touch with us.

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