Wellness Morning: Art in the park



30 Flood Walk 30 Flood Walk London SW3 5RR, External

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Community Corner is a service run by the NHS aiming to combat social isolation and help people to live well in their communities. Every Thursday at Violet Melchett we run activities to promote health and wellbeing.

Join us on the 11th July from 10:30am - 12:30pm for a painting session led by our team. This week we'll be taking our creativity to a local park, so we can enjoy and be inspired by the surrounding nature. *Please note this is an event to promote wellness and is not a professional art class. It is instead space without judgement to enjoy creating in a relaxed environment.*

Materials and refreshments will be provided, so you just need to bring some creativity! This is a great opportunity to get out and about, meet people, have a chat and learn some artistic techniques! Taking some time for quiet creativity is great for relaxation and wellbeing, and we hope that you will be inspired to take what you have learned and keep creating at home.

*This is an externally hosted event and inclusion on KUextra does not constitute an endorsement or approval by Kingston University.